URBEX stands for Urban Exploration and the fascinating aesthetics of abandoned old buildings that time tries to embellish with mushrooms, mould and stains, while the damp and cold strips the wallpaper and eat into window frames.

Antoine Pierre’s music echoes with this atmosphere; alive yet deserted, chaotic but with structure. Antoine invents arrangements that are rich, dense and that alternate between gentler atmospheres that tend towards the void and then spiral into stunning climaxes. He plays with expectations.

URBEX came together between stays in two cities. On the one hand, Brussels where he studied music and met his sparring partners. On the other, New York offered him the opportunity to get close to the sources of Jazz. These twin urban roots act as a catalyst for compositions and arrangements that are by turns energetic and apocalyptic and that really come alive when played by the octet.

Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet)
Toine Thys (tenor and soprano saxes,bass clarinet)
Steven Delannoye (tenor sax)
Bert Cools (electric guitar)
Bram De Looze (piano)
Félix Zurstrassen (electric bass)
Frédéric Malempré (percussions)
Antoine Pierre (drums, compositions)

Booking & Management
 IGLOO Records (Sowarex)
Fanny De Marco (booking & artist relation)
Hélène Defosse, promo@sowarex.be (press)
+32 2 538 90 01

Antoine Pierre, URBEX, IGL 268, (2016)