Jozef Dumoulin


Paris-based pianist Jozef Dumoulin redefined the Fender Rhodes keyboard through a scope that is at the same time fully contemporary, eclectic and highly personal. He is the first to present a full solo program featuring the instrument and is currently preparing a second solo cd. Every live show is completely improvised and a true experience, for the player as well as the listener.

Highly-demanded as a sideman, Jozef Dumoulin has recorded and toured with the finest of musicians in the domain of jazz, improvised music, rock and traditional music. In the mean time, over the last ten years, he has developed a daring, fresh and much-lauded body of work as a leader.

Besides the Fender Rhodes Solo, ongoing projects as (co-)leader include:

  • The Red Hill Orchestra (trio with Ellery Eskelin and Dan Weiss)
  • Orca Noise Unit (acoustic quintet with Sylvaine Hélary, Antonin Tri Hoang, Bruno Chevillon and Toma Gouband; first cd to be released in November 2017)
  • Lilly Joel (duo with singer Lynn Cassiers)
  • Plug And Pray (duo with pianist Benoît Delbecq)
  • True Company (long-term concert cycle bringing together traditional musicians and western improvisers)
  • Trojan Panda (rock band with two pianists, two saxophonists and a bassoonist playing three guitars, a bass and drums; with Sophie Bernado, Julien Pontvianne, Léo Dupleix and Hugues Mayot)
  • Keiji Haino/Jozef Dumoulin/Teun Verbruggen

“The Fender Rhodes has made a remarkable comeback in jazz in recent years. But no one plays it like Jozef Dumoulin” (Downbeat, July 2016)

Jozef Dumoulin (Fender Rhodes)

Management & Bookings
Marion Piras
+33 (0) 6 08 42 13 88

Jozef Dumoulin, A Fender Rhodes Solo, Bee Jazz, BEE065 (2014)
Jozef Dumoulin & The Red Hill Orchestra, Trust, Yolk Records, Y2063 (2014)
Lilly Joel, What Lies In The Sea, Sub Rosa, SR416 (2015)
Haino/Dumoulin/Verbruggen, The Miracles Of Only One Thing, Sub Rosa, SR439 (2016)
Plug And Pray, Evergreens, dStream, #102 (2017)