Animus Anima



Contemporary psychedelic naturist jazz

“One of the most attractive band of the contemporary Belgian jazz scene.” – Jazzaround
“A sound adventure that reaches its goals and impress the listener’s mind, heart and body.” – Le Soir
“The atmospheres of this album are so warm and lovely that you can listen to it again and again.” – l’Avenir

There was no better way for Animus Anima’s musicians to celebrate their 10 years of shared experiences. Their last album Résidence sur la Terre – “Residence on Earth” (Igloo Records, 2016) is more than jazz or even music. It is a poetic project.

When you listen to the 7 pieces of this extraordinary wordless tale, you feel peaceful, opened to the world and the otherness. The compositions are surprising, pictorial and generous. It is like a journey that starts in space, and then, from the dark emptiness through the atmosphere, you reach the Earth. Initial feelings of spite, incommunicability and confusion give way to surprise, opening to the strangeness, joy of discovering colours, life, wonder of the summer storm, conquest of the peace through beauty.

All this enters subtly in you, using rock distortions, deep round grooves, deep and delicate wind instruments.

A tale, an introspective trip, a universal cosmic love story, an anthem for Mother Earth, for humanity, a hope and a wish. A masterwork that is good for the soul and that is strongly recommended to anybody!

Nicolas Ankoudinoff (tenor saxophone & composition)
Bart Maris (trumpet & fluglehorn)
Benoist Eil (electric guitars)
Pascal Rousseau (tuba & fuzz tuba)
Etienne Plumer (drums)
Stephan Pougin (congas & darbouka)

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Animus Anima
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Animus Anima, Résidence sur la Terre, IglooRecords (271) 2016
Animus Anima, Qu’est-ce que tu crois?, RatRecords (013) 2010
Animus Anima, Le Bénéfice du Doute, YiyuProductions (001) 2007
Animus Anima, Jazz Progressif, AaProd (001) 2002