Here you find some reviews of the BJM and the bands.

  • Jazzenzo
    “It is a relief that in Belgium something like an international jazz meeting exists. An initiative that died a silent death years ago as a result of the abolishing of Muziekcentrum Nederland. It is extremely interesting for foreign organisers to discover the national jazz scene through the eyes of its professionals.” (Cyriel Pluimakers for Jazzenzo)
  • Jazz’Halo
  • Jazzwise
    Over three days of Trappist beer-oiled networking between international guests and notably idealistic managers, PRs, DJs, promoters and musicians, and a dozen diverse gigs, Belgium’s position as an outsized jazz powerhouse was amply confirmed.” (Nick Hasted for Jazzwise)
  • London Jazz News
    There is no doubt in my mind that the Belgian scene is one of the strongest in Europe and the overall standard of the bands, mostly younger bands on the two scenes (French and Flemish), was extremely high.” (Tony Dudley Evans for London Jazz News)