Belgian Jazz Meeting

This year, for the first time, the musicians themselves had the chance to apply for a place on the stage. For the occasion, a small programme committee of professionals from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels selected several professional groups, 7 from each linguistic community.

The selection of the groups was based on a number of criteria like artistic originality, quality and international potential of the group or project. In addition to this, the committee had to take into consideration previous participations and availabilities and, on the whole,  tried to maintain a balanced and enjoyable programme throughout its choices.

Beside showcases we organise several network meetings and an information market.
SABAM for Culture will present the SABAM Jazz Awards.

FRIDAY 4 SEPTEMBER – De Werf Bruges 

Afternoon: arrivals at the hotels
18:30 walk to the venue
19:00 A Special Welcome with our favourite Belgian snacks, drinks & music
20:00: Showcases

1/ LABTrio: Line up: Lander Gyselinck (drums) Bram Delooze (piano), Anneleen Boehme (double bass)

2/ JF Foliez’s Playground: Line up: Jean-François Foliez (compositions, clarinet), Casimir Liberski (piano), Xavier Rogé (drums) Janos Bruneel (double bass)

3/ Eve Beuvens “Heptatomic”: Line up: Eve Beuvens (piano, compositions), Laurent Blondiau (trumpet), Grégoire Tirtiaux (a-bsax), Sylvain Debaisieux (ts), Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar), Manolo Cabras (double bass), Lionel Beuvens (drums)

4/ Kind of Pink: Line up: Philippe Laloy (saxophones, flutes), Arne Van Dongen (double bass), Emmanuel Baily (guitars)

5/ MikMâäk: Line up: Laurent Blondiau (trumpet), Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet), Timothée Quost (trumpet), Geoffroy De Mazure (tuba, trombone), Michel Massot (trombone, tuba), Pascal Rousseau (trombone, tuba), Guillaume Orti (alt sax), Jeroen Van Herzeele (tenor sax), Bo Van der Werf (bariton sax), Grégoire Tirtiaux (bariton sax), Pierre Bernard (flute), Quentin Manfroy (flutes), Yann Lecollaire (clarinet), Fabian Fiorini (piano), Claude Tchamitchian (double bass), João Lobo (drums).

SATURDAY 5 SEPTEMBER – Concertgebouw Bruges

10:30 – 14:00 / 19:15-22:30: Information market at Concertgebouw
11:00 Showcases
12:30 Network meeting & Info market
17:00 BBQ for international guests only
19:45 presentation SABAM Jazz Awards 2015
20:00 Showcases  


1/ Bart Maris: Loops – live performance & sound installation before and after the showcases

2/ Joachim Badenhorst – Rawfishboys: Line up: Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet,  bass clarinet),  Brice Soniano (double bass)

3/ Nathalie Loriers – Tineke Postma – Philippe Aerts: Line up: Nathalie Loriers (piano, compositions), Tineke Postma (sax, compositions), Philippe Aerts (double bass)


1/ Pierre de Surgères Trio: Line up: Pierre de Surgères (piano, compositions), Félix Zurstrassen (double bass), Lieven Venken (drums, percussion)

2/ LG Jazz Collective: Line up: Guillaume Vierset (guitar, arrangements, compositions), Igor Gehenot (piano), Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet), Steven Delannoye (tenor & soprano sax), Rob Banken (alt sax), Félix Zurstrassen (double bass), Toni Vitacolonna (drums)

3/ De Beren Gieren: Line up: Fulco Ottervanger (piano), Lieven Van Pée (double bass), Simon Segers (drums)

4/ Nordmann: Line up: Edmund Lauret (guitar),  Matthias De Craene (saxophone), Dries Geusens (bass), Elias Devoldere (drums)

5/ Black Flower: Line up: Nathan Daems (saxophone, cross flute, Kaval, compositions), Jon Birdsong (cornet),  Simon Segers (drums),  Filip Vandebril (bass guitar), Wouter Haest (keyboard).


11:00 Showcases
13:00 Lunch & Belgian dessert
14:00 Goodbye

1/SCHNZL: see special projects

2/ Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski invites Claron McFadden – Secrets: Line up: Claron McFadden (concept, voice), Tuur Florizoone (accordion, composition), Michel Massot ( tuba, trombone, compositions), Marine Horbaczewski (cello)

Special projects:

Kermesz à L’est: Line up: Gaetan Dardenne (Clarinette), Gilles Kremer (Helicon), Luc Lambert (Trompette), Emmanuel Haessig (Sax Alto et sax Baryton), Maxime Bocahut (Trombone), Maxime Tirtiaux (Banjoline), Martin Chemin (Percussions), Thibaut Jungers (Percussions) on Friday evening

Loops – musical installation by Bart Maris on Saturday afternoon

Next generation: SCHNTZL: Line up: Hendrik Lasure (piano), Casper Van De Velde (drums) on Sunday morning


Belgian Jazz 2015 by Belgianjazzmeeting on Mixcloud


Programme committee:

– Jean-Pierre Bissot (Gaume Jazz Festival), Patrick Bivort (journalist), Jean-Pierre Goffin (journalist), Jacques Prouvost (journalist), Christine Rygaert (Le Rideau Rouge), Georges Tonla Briquet (journalist),
– Wim Wabbes (Handelsbeurs), Bertrand Flamang (Gent Jazz/Jazz Middelheim), Pieter Koten (Vrijstaat-O), Rik Bevernage (De Werf/Jazz Brugge), Mik Torfs (JazzLab Series), Katrien van Remortel (Flanders Arts Institute).