Belgian Jazz Meeting

About the BJM 2015:

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Interview with Nathalie Lorier by Mary James

“Belgian Jazz Meeting 2015: Un cru classe!” Review by Philippe Méziat in JazzMagazine France part 1

“Belgian Jazz Meeting 2015″ Un cru classe: Review by Philippe Méziat in JazzMagazine France part 2

Tony Dudley-Evans on

Review by Marek Romanski for Jazz Forum Poland

Review by Tobias Riochtsteig for Jazzthetik

Reviews by Jaques Provost

Review by Georges Tonla-Briquet

Review Jazzmozaïek by Pieter Koten

Regional Television Station: Focus WTV

Sabam Jazz Awards (Jazzmozaïek)

Reviews by Paul Godderis on

Interview with Joachim Badehorst by Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther

Interview with SCHNTZL by Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther


In your goodie bag you’ll find a compilation with a Belgian Jazz Directory 2015… here ‘s the music!

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