Toine Thys Overseas

Friday 11.02 | 20.00

Overseas is the story of the meeting between the Brussels saxophonist Toine Thys and the Egyptian oud player Ihab Radwan. After sharing several European stages together for concerts and cartes blanches, they are now exploring a four-part (or five-part) format group, accompanied by the percussionist Zé Luis Nascimento, the Luxembourg cellist Annemie Osborne, and often with the ECM piano Harmen Fraanje in a larger setting.  At the crossroads of Arabic music and hijazz modes, jazz and tonal improvisation, classical music and rhythms of brazilian music, they play an evolving repertoire, made of clear, free and melodious compositions.

Their first album “Tamam Morning” is to be released in March 2021 on Igloo Records, and will be presented throughout Europe. The five musicians on the cd will perform during that tour. The music has been recorded in Brussels by Vincent  de Bast, and mixed by Stefano Amerio (ECM) in Udine, Italy, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. These musicians meet and talk about their respective worlds. Their stories and their intonations are different, and we benefit from the richness of those differences. Simplicity and seriousness, joy and exploration, the quartet plays together with opposite skills. It is a musical space where the integrity of these artists is respected, but where the taste of adventure and discovery remains essential.

Their language is like a mood, black or white, hot or cold, circulating faster or slower than blood or thought, in invisible veins that are not located in anatomy manuals.


Ihab Radwan (EG) – oud
Toine Thys – Soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Ze Luis Nascimento (BR) – percussions
Annemie Osbourne (LU) – cello
Harmen Fraanje (NL) – piano

Management & booking

Bartok Management
Contact person : Toine Thys
+32 479 73 95 71


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