Pauline Leblond Double double quartet

Saturday 12.02 | 11.30

The double quartet finds its roots somewhere between Duke Ellington and Johann Sebastian Bach, or maybe between Miles Davis and Henry Purcell. The Pauline Leblond Double Quartet is a family of eight musicians, who built bridges between jazz and baroque music. It’s a subtle blend between a string quartet and a jazz quartet, that are sometimes confronting, sometimes fusing. Together they play original compositions of the trumpet player Pauline Leblond. The contrasts of timbres, of colors, of sounds remind dreamlike or even cinematic images.

Pauline Leblond took a big interest in baroque music before finding her way into jazz; a music in which she evolves now. Surrounding herself with musicians from both classical and jazz music, she proposes original pieces for string quartet and jazz quartet, allying those two universes so distant in time, but yet so close. In February 2020, the Pauline Leblond Double Quartet released his first album, named “Suites de Danses”.


Pauline Leblond – trumpet / flugelhorn
Guillaume Gillain – guitar
Fil Caporali – double bass
Daniel Jonkers – drums
Maritsa Ney – 1st violin
Julien Gillain – 2nd violin
Marie Ghitta – viola
Pierre Sutra – cello

Management & booking

Contact person: Pauline Leblond
+32 486 50 69 24


  • Pauline Leblond Double Quartet, Suite de Danses, self-produced, February 2020