Thomas Champagne Random House feat. Adam O’Farrill

Get to the point: this is what this project promises. Say it all. Let ideas come and send some back without hiding anything – spontaneously, totally sincerely. With this album “Tide”, sax-player Thomas Champagne dumps the superfluous and is determined to keep the spontaneity of a first encounter and the freshness of the first dialogues. Never break the flow of a passionate conversation. For this, he can count on his friends Guillaume Vierset (electric guitar), Ruben Lamon (double bass), Alain Deval (drums) and, above all, his guest, the wonderful New York trumpeter Adam O’Farrill.

Thomas and Adam met in New York where the sax-player saw him perform several times on stage. Without knowing much more than that, Thomas then invited Adam to Belgium for a series of concerts and a possible recording. A double or nothing, kind of. The alchemy worked from the first notes. The concerts quickly enriched the dialogue and the album happened. As a no-brainer. The 38 minutes (why add more when all has been said?) pulse and flow. The rhythm is edgy, sharp and always highly strung, but is also able to install a more intimate climate. How better to open doors and windows and let the brass and guitar fly? This album breathes, takes off into the air and flies.


Thomas Champagne – alto saxophone
Adam O’Farrill – trumpet
Guillaume Vierset – guitar
Ruben Lamon – double bass
Alain Deval – drums

Management & booking

Contact person: Thomas Champagne
+32 496 15 17 01


  • Thomas Champagne Random House,  Sweet Day, Challenge Records / Igloo Circle, IGC029, 2017
  • The Sidewinders, A Little Busy, Igloo Records, IGL236, 2012
  • Thomas Champagne Trio, Charon’s Boat, Igloo Records, IGL207, 2008