Grand Picture Palace

Saturday 12.02 | 21.00

Grand Picture Palace is Anneleen Boehme’s own project: a dream come true. Influenced by classical, contemporary and jazz music, bass players such as Dave Holland and composers like Gavin Bryars, she decided to start composing for double bass and a small orchestra. The result is a mix between jazz and classical film music: a solid base with a lot of improvisation. Anneleen Boehme’s double bass is the lead, accompanied by a group of talented musicians. The band consists of a string quartet and a jazz band (Cedric De Lat – trumpet, Rob Banken – bass clarinet and alto saxophone, Berlinde Deman – tuba and Matthias De Waele – drums) combined. It’s a crazy carnival of deliciousness.


Anneleen Boehme – double bass
Linde Verjans – violin
Laura Kennis – violin
Rhea Vanhellemont – viola
Juno Kerstens – cello
Cedric De Lat – trumpet
Rob Banken – bass clarinet / alto saxophone
Berlinde Deman – tuba
Matthias De Waele – drums

Management & booking


  • Grand Picture Palace, Grand Picture Palace, W.E.R.F. Records, 2021