Mikael Godée/Eve Beuvens Quartet

Chance encounters sometimes work out for the best: Mikael and Eve needed only a flyer and few clicks on Myspace to meet each other. Nine years later, after dozens of concerts, they release their second recording as a quartet: Looking Forward.
From the start the two musicians found a very natural complexity. They engaged Magnus Bergström on bass and Johan Birgenius on drums (one of the most appreciated rhythm sections in Sweden) to create the quartet MEQ; an abbreviation of Mikael-Eve-Quartet.
The surprisingly homogeneous repertoire is composed of Eve and Mikael’s originals, as they both work as equal bandleaders. Through the mutual trust the four of them are sharing, the risks they take let the musical flow develop in a very natural way.
Although their music relates to the nordic lyricism, it is also energetic, unique and warm: it’s a hike in a Far North forest coloured by flakes full of startling colours.


Mikael Godée  – soprano saxophone/compositions
Eve Beuvens – piano/compositions
Magnus Bergström – bass
Johan Birgenius – drums


Igloo – Remi Planchenault
remi@sowarex.be, info@sowarex.be
+32 (0)2 538 90 01


Mikael Godée – Eve Beuvens Quartet « Looking Forward » Igloo, IGL296, 2018
Mikael Godée – Eve Beuvens Quaret « MEQ » Spookhuis, SH1301, 2013


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