The selection for the bands who played at the meeting was made by a jury of some 60 Flemish jazz experts. They were appointed by the organisers and were asked to choose 10 musicians or bands that according to them deserve a place on the stages of European clubs or festivals and therefore merit particular attention.

Several elements played a part in the final decision: repertoire, originality, maturity and so on. But also the question whether a band is capable of playing internationally and whether it is ready to stand its ground abroad.


The selected bands:

Bart Defoort Quartet


Carlo Nardozza Quintet

Christian Mendoza Group


Free Desmyter Quartet


Jeroen Van Herzeele Quartet

Pierre Anckaert Trio



Tutu Puoane

Tuur Florizoone met Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski