Friday, 1 September
Location: MARNI

From 17h                 Registration + welcome drink

19h – 19h30          Lorenzo Di Maio Group
19h45 – 20h15    Jozef Dumoulin solo
20h30 – 21h         Drifter
21h15 – 21h45     Mattias De Craene III

Saturday, 2 September
Location: FLAGEY

11h – 11h30           Linus
11h45 – 12h15     Urbex

12h30 – 13h30   Lunch at Flagey
13h30 – 15h45  Leisure time. Different possibilities :  projection of the movie Django at Flagey or  having a walk and a drink in the nice neighborhood. 

Location: MARNI

16h – 20h : info market

16h30 – 17h00  Hermia / Ceccaldi / Darrifourcq
17h15- 17h45     Dans Dans

Sabam Jazz Award

18h45 – 20h30  Dinner buffet (& info market)

20h30 – 21h00  Animus Anima
21h15 – 21h45    BRZZVLL

Sunday, 3 September
Location: MARNI

11h – 11h45          Steiger
12h00 – 12h45  Trio Grande

12h45                     Lunch